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Dear Friends and Colleagues:


It is my pleasure and honour to pen a few words in recognition of the International Day of the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel. November 12 is the day you and your worldwide network of colleagues reflect on the importance of your role in maintaining a safe and efficient air traffic control system. In spite of incredible advances in telecommunications, people still want to meet each other. The aviation industry will continue to exist and play and important role in our lives for many years to come. This is why your work is so important.


For 46 years the International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations has been working to raise the profile of professionals such as yourselves. IFATSEA believes that air navigation service providers need competent, well-trained professionals to maintain the unseen but vital infrastructure necessary for a safe and efficient air navigation system. A system we can neither do without nor take for granted.


November 12 is a single-day on the calendar. You can give it much more meaning by thinking about the role you want to play in the future. Will you focus on developing your own skills? Will you devote time to mentor a younger member of our profession? Will you be a leader in the technological change certain to occur? Whatever your path, remember IFATSEA’s objects and how you can contribute to them.


Enjoy this day. It is yours to celebrate everything you have helped IFATSEA achieve.


Best wishes,


Daniel J Boulet